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What are the Symptoms of Hard Skin build-up?

Thick or hard skin occurs in response to excessive, repeated shear or friction forces, commonly due to constant rubbing of the skin.

Cracked heels are commonly caused by dry skin and hard skin, which form fissures due to consistent friction and pressure.

You may have developed hard skin or cracked heel if you have the following symptoms:

-    Growth of hard and thickened skin on feet (from tight shoes or being barefoot)
-    Growth of hard and thickened skin on hands (from playing instruments or manual labor)
-    Foot pain when walking and pain that increases when standing and subsides when sitting
-    Foot pain when wearing high heels or footwear with a thin sole
-    Flaky and dry skin
-    Heels are or yellow in colour
-    Cracked and peeling skin (on the heel of your foot)

If your hard skin build-up develops a fissure (cracked heel) which starts to bleed or looks infected, we advise to consult your general practitioner.

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